It’s always terrible when someone leaves before their time comes.

Yesterday, beloved Ana Taranaki from our first litter passed the rainbow bridge.
On 22nd of January she would live to be 3 years… will not live to life. Her life was shortened by someone’s sick brain, which planted poisoned bait.

Anie was unique, kind, loving and loved by her family, whether the one she lived with in Slovakia, and to which she brought joy after the departure of female Angie, but also by the family she left here, where she came to the world, where she took her first steps, where she first looked at to the world…

Her departure hit us all so badly.

Dear Anie, you’re the first of the Taranaki family to go behind a rainbow bridge, unexpectedly, prematurely… When the time comes, I believe that you will welcome your sisters and brothers with kindness to yourself when the time comes… When the time comes… Not sooner.

We miss you ♥